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Offshore Platforms

Wison Offshore & Marine

Address : No. 633, Zhang Jiang, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

Phone : +86-21-20807472

Wison holds numerous patents of offshore platform technologies designed for shallow and deep-water marginal fields in a low cost environment. Leveraging these technologies that have been successfully applied in commercial environment, the company delivers cost-effective platform solutions and turn-key projects for offshore energy developers worldwide.

Patented technologies include:

Buoyant Tower (BT) - with/without oil/condensate storage

Buoyant Tower Driller (BTD) - mobile drilling and/or production tower with extendable anchor

Tension Buoyant Tower (TBT)

Multicolumn Semisubmersible (MCF) - deep draft dry tree semi

DB Semisubmersible (DB SEMI) - reduced heave motion at normal draft

Vertically Restrained Center Well Spar

Tube Buoyancy Can Systems

Cellular Spar System

Deep Offshore Gas Storage (DOGS)

Offshore Oil Storage System

*Parents for enlisted technologies belong to Wison Offshore & Marine Limited or its affiliated companies.


Please send email to offshore@wison.com for more details.