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Corporate Profile

Wison Group is a diversified group focusing on energy chemical services with three core businesses consisting of Engineering Services, Offshore & Marine Engineering and New Chemical Material. The Group has established presence in Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, Europe and other regions. Its remit of business covers the storage and utilization of primary energy including coal, oil and natural gas, onshore energy engineering services, marine engineering equipment fabrication and downstream new chemical materials development. The group is dedicated to providing professional services and high-quality products for customers from various industries around the world.

Wison Engineering as a segment of the group was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2012 (02236.HK). As China's leading technical solution provider in energy sector, it is specialized in technologies and engineering construction services including petrochemical, refinery, C1 chemical, central processing facility and LNG & power generation. With multiple commercialized proprietary intellectual property rights, the company can provide solutions to its customers covering the entire project life cycle.

Another business segment is Wison Offshore & Marine, which is a leading Natural Gas Assets Monetization Solutions Provider. The company enjoys professional international teams, a project implementation system in line with the international standards and state-of–the-art facilities in Nantong Yard and Zhoushan Yard. It is dedicated to providing the global energy industry with innovative floating solutions for LNG value chain developments, quality module fabrication for onshore & offshore plants, and offshore wind power solutions.

Wison New Materials pays close attention to the development trend of global new petrochemical material industry, investing heavily in high-end new material production facilities and conducting vast research into new material technologies and applications. By promoting lightweight trend in areas of new energy vehicles, environmental protection and landscaping, 5G and wearable devices, and artificial intelligence, the company ushers in a new journey in industrial eco-chain development.

Guided by the philosophy of “Better Technology, Better Life”, Wison is committed to building itself as a world-class enterprise having industrialization of science and technology as the core task. In the era of digitalization, Wison Group proactively seeks strategic transformation to cast itself as a new digital enterprise benchmark in the energy and chemical industry, while actively creating social values and promoting the harmonious development between human and the nature.

Wison Group has been forging ahead since its initiation in 1997 and dedicated to promoting the prosperity and development of the energy and chemical industry over the past 20 years. Wison never ceases exploring and innovating for self-evolution. The new tagline “Wison Ignites Innovation” underlines the cooperation between Wison and its clients to revitalize the industry and lift the joint achievement to a new level.