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Wison Develops Deep-Water Wind Technologies

Release time:2019-08-07

Shanghai, China (07 August 2019) - Wison Offshore & Marine (“WOM”) today announces an innovative technology, Buoyant Tower Wind (BT Wind), to meet the growing demand of the new generation cost-effective deepwater offshore wind farm development.


The total wind capacity worldwide is predicted to more than double between 2018 and 2027, with global additions averaging 65 gigawatts per year. With the rapid maturing of shallow-water wind farms, the renewable energy industry demands for cost-effective deep-water wind technologies.


For years, WOM has been investing in the development of deep-water wind technology. One major initiative of WOM is BT Wind, apatent technology that uses a truss buoyant tower for supporting a large wind turbine. This concept stems from Wison’s proprietary Buoyant Tower technology, which has been successfully applied to offshore oil and gas project for more than 6 years and has demonstrated excellent performance in both stability and motion.


As offshore wind industry moves into deeper water, larger installation vessels are needed, and the associated installation costs have become a major concern. WOM’s BT Wind technology has made it possible to self-elevate a wind turbine offshore. Eliminating the need of high-specinstallation vessels, BT Wind achieves the goal of minimizing costs in all phases of a wind farm project, from construction to installation.


“BT Wind is another testimony of Wison’s unwavering determination to provide reliable and cost-competitive solutions. We are very confident that BT Wind technology is well suited for the next generation offshore wind projects, manyof which will be in water depth greater than 100m.” commented by Dr. Weimin Chen, General Manager of WOM’s Engineering Center.



Wison’s BT Wind concept featured with a truss buoyant tower and self-elevated turbine tower for the ease of installation.