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Wison Engineering Awarded a PC Contract for 1,400 KTA Ethylene Plant in China

Release time:2019-05-29

Wison Engineering successfully won the bid of Zhejiang Petrochemical’s 1,400 KTA ethylene plant of second phase of 40 MTA integrated refining and petrochemical complex. Leveraging Wison’s extensive project management experience, the company will complete the project swiftly in order to meet the complex start-up schedule to make the Zhejiang Petrochemical project the largest leading refinery in China.


Wison Engineering (Stock code: 2236.HK), a global leading engineering, procurement and construction management service provider, has been awarded a procurement and construction management contract by Zhejiang Petrochemical for 1,400 KTA ethylene plant of second phase of 40 MTA integrated refining and petrochemical complex in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province, China. The project is scheduled for completion in 2020. 


Zhejiang Petrochemical’s integrated refining and petrochemical complex is one of the largest refining and chemical integration complexes in the world. As a key component of the integrated project, the high-quality delivery of ethylene plants will lay an important foundation for the early commissioning of the largest refinery in China.


During the execution in the first phase, Wison Engineering was highly recognized by the client and the industry for its modularization delivery.   From the shipment of first cracking furnace to the installation of last cracking furnace, it took Wison only 8 months to successfully deliver nine ethylene cracking furnaces. With each furnace having an annual output of 200 KTA each, it is the largest single-unit cracking furnace for modular construction and transportation in the world. The smooth delivery of the first phase of the complex provided a solid foundation for the cooperation of the second phase of the complex.


Wison Engineering has extensive experience in the management of ethylene plant projects. Its multiple ethylene plants in China have achieved high standards of delivery and have successfully driven and produced qualified products. Among them, 800 KTA ethylene plant in Fushun accumulated more than 16 million man-hours without any incident and won the National Quality Engineering Award in 2016-2017 in China.


Ms. RONG Wei, CEO of Wison Engineering, stated: "We are pleased to have been awarded this contract by our long-term client, Zhejiang Petrochemical. We look forward to bringing our global procurement capabilities, extensive project execution experience, and leadership in the ethylene sector to build this Zhoushan Green Petrochemical Base, creating more economic value for our client."


Founded in 1997, Wison Engineering (Stock code: 2236.HK) is a global leading engineering, procurement and construction management service provider. Wison can provide domestic and international clients with solutions covering the entire project lifecycle, including technology selection, project planning and consultation, project financing, EPC, commissioning and start-up. Wison specializes in the fields of petrochemical, coal-to-chemical, oil refining, natural gas chemical, oilfield ground services, LNG and power generation. With headquarters in both Shanghai and Hong Kong, Wison was listed in Hong Kong in 2012.