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600 KTA MTO Plant Built by Wison Engineering Successfully Started up

Release time:2019-06-29

On June 29, Nanjing Chengzhi Yongqing Energy Technology Co., Ltd.'s new 600 KTA MTO plant successfully started up and produced on-spec ethylene and propylene. This plant was built by Wison Engineering (SEHK stock code: 2236) through an EPC contract. This successful start-up once again proves Wison Engineering's strong capability in MTO sector, and further strengthens Wison's competitive advantage in the future MTO market.


Since Wison was awarded this project in technology licensing, process package and EPC contract in 2017, it has completed the project within 18 months, achieving high-standard mechanical completion on May 8, 2019. Through a full preparation, the MTO plant started feed-in at 22:58 on June 26; and at 14:00 on June 28 and 14:00 on June 29, started producing on-spec ethylene and propylene respectively, marking successful start-up of the entire MTO plant.


This plant utilizes integrated technologies which combine Honeywell UOP's advanced MTO reaction technology and Wison Engineering's high recovery olefin separation technology - "Pre-cutting + Oil Absorption". As the leading technology for MTO olefin separation, this is the 11th successful commercial application for this technology.


From process design, engineering design, equipment procurement, construction to the successful start-up, Wison Engineering's project team implemented scientific project management and meticulous preparation, overcame numerous challenges, and completed the project without a glitch, at the support of owner's team, local government and all subcontractors. In the next step, Wison's project team will plan for the performance test and ensure a smooth project handover to the owner.