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Improve Economics with Wison ODH Technology

Release time:2019-07-08

Recently, Mr. Li Yansheng, Wison Engineering's Chief Engineer and Chief Scientist, delivered a speech of "The technology development and industrial trend of butadiene process" at C4 High-Value Utilization and MTBE Transformation Forum in 2019, and shared the technical achievements of Wison Engineering.



In 2013, Wison Engineering successfully developed the Oxidative Dehydrogenation of butene-to-butadiene (ODH) technology and associated HS-1 iron-based catalyst. In April, 2016, the 70 KTA butadiene plant, retrofitted with Wison's ODH technology and catalyst, successfully started up. The catalyst run-length exceeded 3000 hours, N-butene conversion achieved 80.0%, selectivity of butadiene averaged at 93% and butudiene yield reached above 74 %. Production cost had been reduced by RMB 1,400 per ton, and brought the benefit of capital saving and improved economics.


Currently, a new 100 KTA butadiene plant located in the Nanjing Chemical Industry Park is in the process of starting up and is scheduled to be on-stream in the middle of July. The plant is deployed with Wison Engineering's ODH technology and catalyst, and built by Wison Engineering through an EPC contract.


Wison's self-developed ODH technology and catalyst have been awarded 13 Chinese patents and one US patent, among which a catalyst patent and a reactor patent are very innovative. China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association certified: "This technology is the leading technology in global level, and it is recommended to be rolled out the soonest."