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300 KTA MTO Plant Designed by Wison Engineering Starts up Successfully

Release time:2019-12-12

The MTO plant (300 thousand tons per year) of Liaocheng Meiwu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. with technical license and engineering design from Wison Engineering (Stock Code: 2236.HK) starts up successfully on December 1, 2019. The equipment started feed-in on November 29, 2019; on November 30, produced eligible polymer-grade propylene product; on December 1, produced eligible polymer-grade ethylene product. Up to now, six sets of MTO plants using the MTO separation technology of Wison Engineering has been successfully started up and put into operation in China.


The plant utilizes integrated technologies which combines UOP's advanced MTO reaction technologies and Wison Engineering's high recovery olefin separation technology - “Pre-cutting + Oil Absorption”, the engineering design of which is  also provided by Wison Engineering. The UOP MTO/OCP technology is featured by such advantages as low unit consumption of methanol per ton of olefin and low unit consumption of catalyst. The MTO separation technology of Wison Engineering has such features as low investment, low energy consumption and high conversion rate of ethylene and propylene products. Wison Engineering boasts rich experience in MTO plant engineering design, and is constantly optimizing and improving, making the technology reasonably competitive. This successful starting-up has proved again the reliability of the olefin separation technology of Wison Engineering and the professional ability of Wison Engineering in the field of MTO engineering.