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Wison Engineering Won Two Hong Kong Golden Stocks Awards

Release time:2020-01-13

 (Shanghai, Jan. 13, 2020) -- On January 9, 2020, the Fourth Annual Hong Kong Golden Stock Awards Ceremony was held in Shenzhen, where Wison Engineering Services Ltd. (Stock Code: 2236.HK) was prized as Best Small and Medium Market Value Stock Company and Best Company for Investor Relations Management. It demonstrates that Wison has won broad and unanimous recognition across the capital market on its professionalism in managing both market value and investor relations.



Co-organized by China’s leading HK-US stock information platform ZhiTong CaiJing andHiThink Royal Flush Information Network Ltd., the selection of the Fourth Hong Kong Golden Stock Awards attracted more than 860 Hong Kong listed companies to participate. Some of them came from traditional industries such as energy, finance, automotive, and industrial manufacturing, while others from emerging sectors including communications, chip manufacturing, the Internet, and medical care, amounting to a total market value of over HKD 18 trillion – more than half of the entire Hong Kong stock market. The organizers established an expert panel to score the candidates in multiple dimensions, such as performance growth in the previous year, industry rankings, corporate governance, business models, market influence, capital market performance and more. The final list of winners was determined with combination of public votes.



The Best Small and Medium Market Value Stock Company is to award HK-listed companies with a small and medium market value. In specific, they are expected to present a business layout aligned with market developments, desirable operating conditions with great prospects, as well as the potential to become eligible for trading through Stock Connect. The Best Company for Investor Relations Management is to commend businesses for establishing an effective investor relations management system and good image in the capital market by maintaining close and smooth communication with investors at all levels.



Wison Engineering stood out from numerous counterparts to win two awards in market value and investor relations management, implying the wide recognition it has earned from the industry and investors. In 2020, the company is determined to make sustained efforts to maintain sound investor relations and market value management with efficiency and professionalism, creating greater value for shareholders and investors.