Wison Engineering Received Great Attention from Analysts

Release time:2018-11-14

(November 13, Shanghai) Wison Engineering Services Co. Ltd. ("Wison Engineering" or the "Company") (2236.HK), the global leading engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) service provider, held a reverse roadshow at its Shanghai headquarters on November 8, with participation from 22 institutions and 34 analysts and investors from Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. Wison Engineering's Chief Executive Officer Ms. RONG Wei, Chief Financial Officer Mr. LI Zhiyong, Senior Vice President Mr. DONG Hua and Ms. CHEN Huimei, Chief Scientist Mr. LI Yansheng, and Assistant Chairman of Wison Group Mr. JIANG Zhiwei introduced in details the industry cycle, the Company's performance, future development strategy and digital transformation, and had an in-depth exchange with the participants on such topics.



During the meeting, Mr. LI Zhiyong first introduced the background and track records of the Company, which received unanimous recognition from the guests. Then, Ms. RONG Wei, Mr. DONG Hua, Ms. CHEN Huimei and Mr. LI Yansheng shared their views on the Company's future plans, global presence and competition strategy, future development trend of new chemical materials and digital transformation. In the Q&A session, the participants were eager to ask questions and exchange their views with the management of the Company.


Ms. RONG Wei said: "Wison Engineering will stick to the global strategy, and strive to create an outstanding team of talents, persistently develop capabilities on technology integration, and further strengthen the delivery capability for digital and modular engineering projects. In 2-3 years, Wison will deliver a digital engineering project by integrating the physical and digital worlds, with an aim to facilitate the intelligent transformation of traditional engineering contractors into digital service providers; at the same time, we will overcome the 'cost' barrier, quality danger and limited schedule caused by 'space' by leveraging our leading modularization capability in order to transform our engineering services into lean manufacturing business, thereby strengthening the advantageous position of 'Chinese elements' in the global energy and chemical fields while creating real economic value for overseas owners. "


On November 9, Mr. LI Zhiyong together with the participants visited the construction base of the module projects in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, accompanied by the technicians from Design Center of Wison Engineering. The visit enabled the participants to gain a better understanding of the modularization of the Company.


After the event, the participating analysts and investors said that they had gained a better understanding of the Company's industry development, operation and future planning through the face-to-face communication with Wison's leaders and the visit to the construction base. They had confidence in the Company's future revenues and profitability.