Wison Engineering Re-presented with 2018 Provincial Innovation Special Award for Excellent Survey & Engineering Design

Release time:2018-10-23

Wison Engineering is pleased to announce its 6 industry projects in terms of engineering design were all presented 2018 Provincial Awards in Survey and Design for Engineering Innovation recently. Wison Engineering, as the only private enterprise, once again won the Special Award. Among the 6 projects, Shandong Yangmei Hengtong 300 kt/a MTO Project was presented the Special Award, Xinjiang XinLianXin 60 kt/a High Pressure Melamine & 280 kt/a Coal to Ammonia Project and former Wison Clean Energy (Nanjing) Phase III Syngas Project were awarded First Place.



The evaluation of 2018 Provincial Excellent Survey and Design Innovation Awards was launched at the end of February this year in the areas of urban planning, industrial and civil architectural design, industrial engineering design, engineering survey & geotechnical, etc. After assessment by the expert panel, 3 Special Awards, 62 First Place and several Second/Third Places were awarded to the excellent engineering design enterprises nationwide.



Yangmei Hengtong 300 kt/a MTO project achieved instant successful start-up and output polymer-grade ethylene/propylene products after 23 hours of continuous operation. The project was also previously awarded the TOP 10 Engineering Project (the 12th Five-Year Planning) of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry by CPCIF (China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation).


Yangmei project used Wison’s proprietary olefin technology of “Pre-cut plus Oil Absorption”, which was recommended by National Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Planning Institute as the “Upgrading Technical Scheme for Coal to Olefin Industry in the 12th Five-Year Planning”. The project achieved 99.89% and 99.96% yield for ethylene and propylene respectively, which hit the highest yield record since its application and placed a new landmark for MTO industry worldwide.