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Wison Center, Wison Center is aa landmark building in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, . It covers an area of ​​43,000 square meters. The design is done and is designed by the French AS. Architecture-Studio. The building uses aA number ofgreen  energy-saving technologiestechnologies are applied in the building, including, such as  ground-source heat pump, + ice storage system, exterior sunshadelouvers, solar water heating system, active and passive daylighting and comprehensive utilization of rainwater and river water. It was rated awarded the as2014 Demonstration Model of Energy ConservationEfficiencyBuilding in Pudong New District, Shanghai.


The project conveys the concept of “converging”, with its four office buildings and one R&D building federated by the central atrium of dynamic design, which is shaped like a blooming flower. The building adopts a “polymerized” design concept. The four office buildings and a R&D building are arranged around the dynamic central main building, which is shaped like a blooming flower.The organic layout of the whole building aims to provide pure, efficient and quality working and life space.


The building is designed in line with the EU standards for office area, with a per capita office area of ​​20 square meters. According to this standard, it can accommodate 4,500-5,000 people. The building has a fitness center including a gym, a billiard room, a dance room, a badminton court, a table tennis room, a treatment room, and a shower room. The Chinese and Western restaurants  can hold 2,500 people.

Environmental protection

Solar energy

A solar water heating system is installed on the roof to provide hot water for the kitchen and staff bathroom.

Ground-source heat pump

Ground-source heat pump is applied to meet the needs of comfort, health and environmental protection with low energy consumption. It provides 6°C/13°C cold water in summer and 45°C/36°C hot water in winter. It is estimated to save energy equivalent to 390.3 tons of standard coal per year.

Ice storage

An ice storage system is applied for the cooling of the air-conditioners, which makes ice during night and melting ice during the day time. The system can help peak-load shifting of electric consumption and will not produce Freon.

Comprehensive utilization of rainwater and river water

Rainwater collection and river water replenishment systems are used for the virescence irrigation, landscape watering and road washing in the office park.