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Wison. Ignite innovation.

The brand is a very important contributor to the development goal of a company. It is expected to define the direction of the company’s production and operations.

——Bangsong Hua, Founder

Wison is aware that the energy and chemical industry we are engaged in can make the world work better. This explains why we have always taken it as our mission to promote the prosperity of this industry. When the traditional energy and chemical industry is faced with reform and challenges, we break with tradition and make innovations to lead the demand in pace with the times, injecting more vigor into the industry.

For the past twenty years, we have always been committed to satisfying our customers’ demands and living up to their trust. We stand on solid ground with safety and quality put in the first place. We work unremittingly together for the company’s competitiveness in the market. We continue to explore the best solutions to meet the expectations of our customers.

After twenty years of development, we have grown into a smarter and more mature Wison. Through innovations and breakthroughs, we start with a higher-level mindset and “lead the demand” proactively. With a thorough understanding of the market demand, we contribute to realizing our clients’ dreams beyond expectation. Based our operation on the accurate anticipation of the future trends, we are proactive in innovation and supportive of smart work methods so as to ignite more possibilities of energy. We extend the industrial chain by breaking the boundaries and make technological innovation for more efficient production. By utilizing the power of capital and digital technology, we overturn traditions in the traditional industries with various parties for greater benefits of all.

We are committed to a new Wison that will work with clients and partners in new ways of thinking and practices to revitalize the energy and chemical industry and create new achievements and heights together.

Wison. Ignite innovation.