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Create social value and promote the harmonious development of human life and the natural environment.

It has been rooted in our business activities to care for our society and protect the environment which motivates us to deliver quality services and products. Never will Wison stand for human civilization progress at the cost of natural environment.

To be a global leader in promoting economic growth and improving people's livelihood with the commercialization of science and technology at its core.

For more than a decade, Wison has been working hard in the energy and high-tech fields, transforming the ever-developing innovative applications of energy and technology into products and services with international influence to meet the prospective needs of economic development and improvement of people’s livelihood.

Mission: Better Technology, Better Life.
Philosophy: Honesty first, Client-oriented, Innovation-driven, All-win Harmony

With the philosophy of "honesty first, client-oriented, innovation-driven, all-win harmony" and the mission of "better technology, better life.", Wison is committed to becoming a world-class enterprise by constantly innovating and making breakthroughs to meet the forward-looking needs of the economy and people's livelihood.

  • Honesty First

  • Client-Oriented

  • Innovation-Driven

  • All-Win Harmony

  • Honesty, reliability, credibility and trustworthiness make up the fundamentals of our business. It is advocated to rise to the challenge and assume responsibilities to   exceed the past success.

  • We deliver client-oriented services  to meet and exceed their expectations. The priority goes to the needs of both external and internal clients in our teamwork and responsibility undertaking.  

  • We consider quality  our lifeline and have developed innovation a habit to keep refining. New idea is encouraged in an open, positive, inclusive and relaxing environment. We are always eager to seek new ways of thinking, new technologies and new methods in line with the development priority and requirements of each stage so as to push forward technological advance and optimize management process in continuous reform.  

  • In the spirit of fair competition and harmonious co-existence, we collaborate with our partners to create long-lasting win-win strategic partnerships. The people-oriented mindset impels us to provide a level playing field for common growth. We build the company into a responsible corporate citizen by caring for health, protecting the environment and fulfilling CSR.