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Providing Integrated Solutions Covering Entire Project Lifecycle

Wison Engineering

Address : No. 633, Zhang Jiang, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

Phone : +86-21-20306000

Wison Engineering has attracted many experts and highly talented employees. Together they bring with their rich experience in engineering, procurement, construction and project management in petrochemicals, coal chemicals and oil refining. In certain years of engineering operations, Wison Engineering has set up stable cooperation with international first-class licensors and engineering companies. Cooperation also extends to domestic large-scale design institutes and construction companies. Wison Engineering has also accumulated rich experience in project management and in establishing knowledge sharing systems. With a deep understanding of clients' demands, we can provide integrated services throughout the entire project lifecycle. Spanning from project and industrial park planning, feasibility studies, project financing, engineering, procurement, construction management to commissioning and start-up training, operation and maintenance service and so on, Wison Engineering’s strong and competent teams with rich project management experience ensure high quality project deliveries.

Project and Industrial Park Planning

Wison Engineering has Grade A Qualification for engineering consulting in the petrochemical industry, and also has extensive experience in consulting services such as overall planning, product chain planning and detailed planning in the chemical industry park.

At the same time, Wison Engineering also has rich experience in the consulting business of the overall planning of the chemical industry park and the program planning of upstream and downstream products.

Technical Selection & Feasibility Studies

Providing investment opportunity research, project construction books, feasibility studies and project application report preparation services for large and medium-sized construction projects  in the fields of oil refining, petrochemical and coal-to-chemical, in order to create value from the source.


Wison Engineering has an 800-person high-calibrated engineering team, including approx. 200 senior engineers. With more than 200 successful track records across a number of industrial sectors, we accumulated experiences in a wide range of engineering assignments, from FEED and overall design, to basic and detailed design. We have provided engineering & design services to well-known international companies such as BASF, Sabic, Shell and Honeywell. We are also allied with international engineering companies to achieve a win-win cooperation.

  • Experienced technical experts
  • Modular design
  • Digital design

Many our experienced engineers are technical experts, with their in-depth knowledge of chemical plants. 

Wison Engineering establishes a professional design team to execute feasibility studies, basic and detailed engineering for the modular projects, during which specific designs for shipping, land transportation and equipment lifting are provided. Meanwhile, by leveraging synergies with Wison Offshore & Marine’s fabrication yards, it offers integrated solutions to clients in modular engineering and fabrication.

Typical case of modular projects: Hyundai-Wison RPLC modular project

  • Jointly executed by Wison and HDEC and HEC
  • First detailed engineering for a modular project undertaken by Wison Engineering
  • Modules were fabricated at Wison Offshore & Marine’s yard

Wison Engineering has achieved data-centric project execution. It applies Smart Plant systems to share information in structured-data form among different functions, so as to enable advanced work process. In addition, the unified material coding and data sourcing enhance the engineering management and quality. The final digital delivery supports clients in their operations and maintenance during the entire project lifecycle.

Typical case of digital design: Xinjiang Dushanzi Tianli Industries’ 40 KTA styrene plant project

  • Wison Engineering's first project delivered via digital design
  • Project completed in June 2014 and qualified project was output in Oct, 2014
  • Wison Engineering undertook basic and detailed design for styrene plant, as well as the plant site planning
  • A comprehensive database was established, laying a solid foundation for the further digital project delivery


Wison Engineering is committed to offering clients efficient, high-quality and high value-added procurement services. We have a professional procurement team with strong technical background, cost structure analysis capability and strong contract execution power. By leveraging China's cost-effective manufacturing resources from a global perspective, we take flexible procurement approaches to tailor project’ needs, including strategic cooperation, framework agreement, centralized procurement and just-in-time procurement.

Our professional team coordinates with well-known third-party companies to supervise the quality and progress of critical equipment and materials throughout the entire production process. Supported by a sophisticated IT system, we track the procurement progress in all-round project perspectives including engineering, logistics, construction and budget etc., to ensure efficient, safe and quality project delivery and long-term plant operation.


With an experienced construction management team and extensive construction subcontractor resources, Wison Engineering delivers the clients highly-efficient, safe, environmentally-friendly construction management services. Meanwhile, we developed an atmosphere of mutual respect and sharing throughout the entire construction process, in order to achieve a win-win outcome with subcontractors.

  • Resources for construction management
  • Professional and standardized construction management services
  • Integrated construction management

-About 200 construction engineers, over 60% of whom have more than 15 years of project experiences

- 200+ qualified construction subcontractors worldwide

- Plane construction planning and preparation

- Optimize construction organization and implementation plans in line with engineering

- Giant equipment hoisting and transportation

- Self-developed welding system

- Modula fabrication services

- Structured and procedural control mechanism built on the self-developed project management platform, avoiding uncertainties created by human factors and improving project execution efficiency.

- Effective management through detailed Inspection and Test Plan for construction

- Attention to close non-conformity report and continuous improvements.

Commissioning & Start-up

Wison Engineering has industrials experts in processing, equipment and instruments to offer professional commissioning services and ensure the successful start-up of the plant in one time. In support of startup planning, conditions required by plant operations are integrated into the engineering, procurement and construction phases.

Meanwhile, an experienced team provides staff training, start-up guidance and maintenance to clients, ensuring the smooth operations of plants and providing value-added services.

Project Financing

Wison Engineering has the ability to provide project financing for domestic and foreign clients independently.

In 2012, Wison Engineering completed the international financing for the first time alone at the Puerto de la Cruz refinery project of Venezuelan National Oil Company.

Project Management

Wison Engineering has nearly 100 registered first-class construction engineers, with domestic and international large and medium-sized project implementation experience, can carry out more than 20 general contracting projects at the same time to provide clients with satisfactory solutions covering the entire life cycle of the project, from the overall planning and consultation of the project to the preliminary planning Project management, driving services, and operational services during the engineering design, procurement, and construction phases.

The complete project management system documents include schedule control, cost control, contract management, material management, information management, risk management and organization coordination to meet both domestic and international project execution needs.

The procedure, standardized and networked project integrated management information platform and advanced project management software make project management more uniform, standardized and efficient.