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Sustainable Development

Wison believes that the most important resources in the world are human beings and the natural environment in which they live depend. Concern for health, safety, and the environment (HSE) is the inevitable development of society. Wison always puts the protection of the environment and the life safety and health of employees in the first place, integrates advanced HSE concepts into the entire decision-making process, and takes effective preventive measures in production activities to ensure the safety and health of employees, customers, contractors, suppliers, and other related parties, protects the environment and continuously pursues excellent HSE management through continuous improvement.

Wison has formed its HSE policy by identifying the HSE hazards and legal and regulatory requirements within the scope of business activities and analyzing the demands of its staff, clients, and the public. The policy goes by Safety first with a focus on prevention; Caring for the health and protecting the environment; People orientation for participatory management; Sustainable development for the benefit of the people. Wison’s subsidiaries have established documented HSE management systems respectively and passed third-party certification in accordance with GB/T24001 (ISO14001) Environmental Management System Standards, GB/T 45001/ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Standards, and ISO/CD14690HSE Management System Standards.

Wison actively spreads its HSE management requirements, concepts, and culture through internal and external HSE training, publicity and communication at various levels in multiple ways. It aims to raise the employees’ HSE awareness and skills, help the employees acquire the knowledge of job-related HSE hazards and corresponding control & emergency measures, understand that the prerequisite of the company’s HSE goals is the goal of their respective post. As a result, the staff can enjoy a safe workplace and take safety as a collective honor. Upholding the philosophy of “win-win cooperation”, Wison has been sharing HSE management experience and resources with its customers and partners to promote consensus and win-win results in management.

Wison applied to join the China Work Safety Association and the China Chemical Safety Association in December 2011, and officially became the standing director unit of the two associations in April 2012. It is currently one of the few non-state-owned enterprises approved to join the two associations as standing members.

By signing the “Commitment to Implementation of ‘Responsible Care’” with China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, Wison solemnly promises to pay attention to health, safety and environmental performance in all aspects of product development, R&D, production, sales and final product disposal, undertake corresponding social responsibilities, and promote sustainable development of the company.

HSE Concepts

All accidents can be prevented and avoided. HSE is a long-term investment with strategic significance. In order to do a good job in HSE, we will spend more time and money, but all of this is worthwhile. Good HSE performance is the key to the long-term success of our business. It can not only improve the productivity and profitability of the enterprise, but also help establish a long-term brand effect.

HSE Policy and Concepts

Safety first, with prevention-oriented.

Caring for the health and protecting the environment.

People-orientationed, all-staff for participatory management.

Sustainable development for the benefit of the people.

Value of Safety Management

Safety accidents can cause casualties. Preventing accidents means saving the lives of employees. The value of safety management reflects the value of life. Security accidents can seriously affect the reputation of a company, may cause business interruption, and even lead to bankruptcy. Preventing the accident is equivalent to saving the company.

Wison Engineering

HSE systems

GB/T 19001/ISO 9001 Quality Management System

GB/T 24001/ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

GB/T 45001/ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System


HSE goals

No major accidents, no harm to people’s health, and no environmental damage;

Developing a sound HSE culture by constant innovation in HSE Management concepts with participatory management of all staff. Continuously innovate HSE management concepts, engage all members in HSE management, and develop a good corporate HSE culture;

Integrate the HSE culture into the whole process of business management, and collaborate with contractors to meet all reasonable HSE requirements of the society, customers and other stakeholders;

With scientific management, advanced technology and the efforts of all staff, we strive to create world-class HSE performance, making Wison Engineering an industry leader in HSE management.

Wison Offshore & Marine

A complete system has been established to ensure that project management and operations meet the highest standards of international health, safety, environment and quality standards in the project management and operation. Besides, we have also established a corporate culture centered on international QA/ QC and HSE systems and certification to ensure strict implementation of standards. In addition, we work closely with leading companies in the oil and gas industry to standardize and implement HSE and quality standard management processes, with the goal aim of building a sustainable improvement system of continuous improvement through past projects and staff personnel experience.


HSE goals

No personal injury

Our QHSE management system has passed DNV certification been accredited by DNV

Quality: ISO 9001:2015

Health and safety: ISO 45001:2018

Environment: ISO 14001:2015