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 • Budding

Technology emphasizes the explorationexplores of the unknown world, while art emphasizes the abstract expression of the objective world, both of which require the passion of creation. To find a new way to integrate technology and art in the practices has become the simple philosophy of Wison’s support for artistic creation. It has become the simplest concept of creating Wison Art Center to provide a new way of exploring the organic combination of technology and art. By demonstrating the artist’s humanistic spirit and innovative thinking in artistic exploration, it calls we call for the integration of technology and art through the demonstration of artist’s humanistic spirit and innovative thinking. It is hoped that each Wisoner and each employee of  that employees of Wison and other technology companies will apply the innovative ideas and the desire to pursue perfection to in every project and product offered to the public.


 • Blooming

Since its establishment in 2005, Wison Art Center, as a non-profit public welfarecharitable art institution under Wison Group, has successfully held more than 30 art exhibitions, such asincluding “China-Italy Famous ClassicOil Painting Exhibition” and “Visionary Jinling - Art Exhibition of Nanjing University Art Research Institute”, “StunningJingzhe International Art Exhibition”, and “2008 Shanghai International Ceramics Invitational Exhibition”, etc. Many famous artists at home and abroad have left footprints in Wison Art Center, such as Chairman of “Roman Biennale” Professor of Rome University of Fine Arts, one of the representatives of “New Fauvism” and Professor of Rome Academy of Fine Arts Mr. Sandro, famous oil painter Mr. Chen Danqing, and Dean Director of Chinese National Academy of Sculpture Professor Wu Weishan, etc. Their works exhibited here have also left a wonderful artistic memory of arts for the visitors of Wison Art Center.


In the past few years, more than 200 artists and more than 600 pieces of art works by over 200 artists have been presented to the public in different ways, attracting many artists, art groups at home and abroad and employees of the enterprises resident in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park where the art center is located to visit, exchange ideas or organizehold exhibitions. The various art exhibitions held all year round can not only help the employees of high-tech enterprises better understand different art forms and artistic development trends and improve their artistic appreciation ability, but also give endows new meaning to the innovative and entrepreneurial culture of the high-tech park, and inject energy to the innovation and entrepreneurship revitalize the innovative and entrepreneurial atmosphere forin the park.


Many artists who come toparticipating the exhibitions of  Wison Art Center are also enthusiastic to participate in Wison’sthe charity activities of Wison. Their exhibited works will join charity auctions fory would donate the exhibited works or participate in the auctionto donate the proceeds to  Wison Hope Primary School. In 2007, Wison Group was granted with Sawarded with the Model Enterprise of Social Responsibility Demonstration Award by Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park for its philanthropic the organization of art exhibitions and other public welfarecharitable activities.

More than 50 pieces of sculptures and paintings presented by China Academy of Art, Central Academy of Fine Arts and foreign artists are displayed in the Wison High-tech Park throughout the year. Wison Art Center has gradually become the stronghold principal place of art appreciation, art exchangediscussion and promotion in the High-tech Park. We warmly welcome eEvery art loveris warmly welcome to visit usthe center  and communicate with us.

  • Wison·Shi Naian Literary Award

    Wison·Shi Naian Prize for Literature supported by Wison since 2011 has also borne fruit and become one of the highest literary awards in China, booming the innovation and prosperity of Chinese long narrative works.

  • Sculpting the Soul of A Nation—the International Exhibition of Wu Weishan’s Sculpture Art

    To facilitate the dialogue between the excellent contemporary art of China and the world, Wison fully supported the Special Exhibition of Wu Weishan’ Sculpture Artheld in the UN Headquarters in New York and was highly recognized by the then UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.  

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