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Address : No. 633, Zhang Jiang, Pudong New Area, Shanghai, China

Phone : +86-21-20306000

Wison Engineering and Jiangsu University established a Big Data Joint Lab. Through the analysis of the trend of energy and chemical products prices and cost dynamics, we are committed to build industry standards for the collection, storage, analysis and use of chemical product price data. Promote the transformation of academic research results into productivity.

The primary goal of the Big Data Joint Lab is to develop periodic price and forecast demanding technologies in the energy and chemical industry, to deeply analyze industry product and price trends, to provide innovative ideas for the research and development of Wison Engineering, and to provide clients with solutions for product route optimization of new projects and industry chain optimization of ongoing or operated projects, leading to optimization of product structure and improvement of economic efficiency for the clients.


3D platform built by cloud technology is the pioneer of the industry

Intuitive interaction, efficient engineering management and plant operations

Improve engineering perception and benefit predictive decisions

More accurate optimization estimates and engineering designs

Higher quality and safety