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My name is Zhao Beibei and iIt has been nearly 7 years since I joined the Legal Department of Wison Group in 2011.

7 years counts for almost one-fifth of my life and 70% of my work experience.In 7 years, it is almost one-fifth of my life, and also 70% of my work experience.

In the 7 years of growing with the company, I have experienced various changes and growth with the company with the company in the past 7 years.


Since 2013 when she joined Wison, Zhao Na is a simple and pure R&D engineer. In her part, she is more like a creator. The process design package she engages in is a job calling for creative imagination. It seems to be a challenging problem in geometry, which is likely to have a variety of angles for getting the answer; it can also be an oil painting. A masterpiece is likely to be created surprisingly with the brushes moving with the heart. 

Wison, where dreams begin;

Grow up with Wison over the past five years;

Build a better Wison in the future.

More pains, more gains. Look to the future on the strength of today’s accomplishment! 

Pavel Korchagin once said, “We should spend our time on the earth in this way: When we recall the past, we won’t regret that we’ve idled away our precious life or feel ashamed that we’ve accomplished nothing in our lifetime”.