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Personal Growth with Enterprise Progress By Zhao Beibei, Legal Department, Wison Group:

My name is Zhao Beibei and iIt has been nearly 7 years since I joined the Legal Department of Wison Group in 2011.

7 years counts for almost one-fifth of my life and 70% of my work experience.In 7 years, it is almost one-fifth of my life, and also 70% of my work experience.

In the 7 years of growing with the company, I have experienced various changes and growth with the company with the company in the past 7 years.


Corporate transformationChanges of the company

From the previous solemn-looking old building at 1399, Zhangheng Road to the current stunning new building at No. 699, Zhongke Road;

I have witnessed the glorious moment when the company was listed, and experienced the collective pressure exerted by financial institutions in difficult times;

From diversified operation of the company to the new proposal of development strategy...

Personal transformationPersonal changes

From an experienced and professional lawyers who have worked for many years to the  newcomer in charge of to the corporate legal affairs;

From the establishment of the Legal Department to the gradual expansion;

From being a child to being a parent...a child to a parent

These years in the company,In the past years in the company,

I have the experience of wearing black robes at the temperature of 40-50 degrees in Saudi Arabia, and feelfeeling in person the inconvenience and “convenience” of being a woman in an Islamic country.

I had flied four times a day during a trip above the primitive jungle ofin Papua New Guinea.  The primary forest seemed endless I felt the trip could never come to an end when watching the endless virgin forest onfrom a helicopter;

I have been always  providing strong legal support for various activities of the company in different periodsincluding of acquisition, sale, asset restructuring and post-finalmanagement in different periods;

We are used to argue about the wording of various agreements. It is common for me to discuss with my colleagues aboutthe articles or even several words after the close of the meeting rooms late in at night. As for the retreat in the conference room, it is not uncommon we had disputes on several articles and even a few words till late in the night. It is quite natural for us to have heated discussion on various agreements and texts.

With Tthe company’s development and transformation changesover the past few yearsalso contribute to the personal growth., I have also achieved personal growth.  I would like to extend my thanks to the legal team that has always been supporting each other for a long time, as well as to the business departments that have been sincerely cooperating with us. We mustI will always keep in mind that I weshould work prudently and earnestly to achieve our ulti