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Look up for the right direction and come down to earth for solid progressDetermine Direction, Work with Diligence By Zhai Xuefei, Construction Department, Wison Offshore & Marine

Wison, where dreams begin;

Grow up with Wison over the past five years;

Build a better Wison in the future.

More pains, more gains. Look to the future on the strength of today’s accomplishment! 

Pavel Korchagin once said, “We should spend our time on the earth in this way: When we recall the past, we won’t regret that we’ve idled away our precious life or feel ashamed that we’ve accomplished nothing in our lifetime”.

A new life

I once asked myself: What is my dream job? What should I do to get my dream job?

After graduating from Harbin Engineering University with a major in measurement & control technology and instrument as well as a dream for my future, I made my first decision in my life: to join Technical R&D Department of Wison Offshore & Marine. As an assistant electrical engineer, I made a conscientious effort in my production and engineering assignments. Thanks to the guidance of the veteran Wisoner, I successfully completed several production and engineering tasks for the CFLNG project including simple production and engineering of electric instrument and engineering of tray, crane span structure and electric instrument system.

Wison set up the yard commissioning department in 2014. Under the arrangement of the Company, I joined the Commissioning Department and gained some knowledge about project, management and modern commissioning. I also applied what I had learned to my work and developed commissioning outline and procedures.


Over the course, I asked myself another question: How can I keep my job?

In 2015, with the undocking of CFLNG, the strenuous commissioning work had started. As the commissioning supervisor of the project, I worked hard at project site coordinating both material resources and human resources. From completion to pre-commissioning, I grew up from a greenhand into an veteran. At the same time, the project moved into the next phase as scheduled. On September 26, 2016, with the completion of wharf gas test of the CFLNG project, a milestone accomplishment, Wison made a miracle. After numerous days of hard work, I tasted the happiness of growing up, a process mixed with sweat and tears.

In 2017, under the leadership of the executives of the Company, I made key route of pre-commissioning of the FSRU project available and completed pre-commissioning of the FSRU project within the shortest possible time. I really appreciate the Company for providing the platform and enabling me to serve as the commissioning manager and work with the capable commissioning team.

In 2018, I was appointed as the assistant manager and led my team to accomplish various tasks such as bidding support, department construction and project support.


I now ask myself another question: How do I define “success’? 

Not sticking to status quo? Rich experience? Promotion? Recognition by other people? Enjoyment of emotional freedom? More money?

Dream changes constantly, so does our professional life. In order to make continuous progress, we have to ascertain our status quo and maintain an “empty cup mentality”. Our professional capabilities are determined by several factors including our initiative, creativity, potentials for leadership, communication skills, and ability in controlling and analyzing changes. We have to learn how to integrate these abilities and approach problems from the perspective of the Company’s master. As the saying goes, “one is never too old to learn”, we have to keep learning in order to do a better job as the manager of a department or get promotion at work. We have to remember that “A thousand-li journey begins with the first step” and “details determine success or failure”.

“A long journey starts with the first step”. What matters is not the position we currently hold. What is really important is the direction we take.

Therefore, let’s first determine the direction we’ll take and then work with diligence.