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Corporate Safety Culture for Sustainable Development

Release time:2008-06-15

On June 14, as one of the events of its "Safety Production Month", Wison invites Mr. Steve Pao (Bao Shizhen), the senior HSE consultant from Dupont China to share with Wisoners Dupont's corporate safety culture and practices of HSE management. More than 40 personnel from Wison Engineering, Wison Chemical Machinery, Wison Heavey Industry, Wison (Nanjing) Cheimcal and the corporate management attended Mr. Pao's the lecture.

The businesses of Wison (chemical engineering, chemical machinery, heavy industry and chemical production) are all within the scope of "hazardous high-risk industry", in which HSE is becoming all the more crucial worldwide. To secure a sustainable development, Wison must absorb the advanced HSE concepts, improve the HSE management in all its business operations and, further, build its own corporate safety culture.

Dupont's safety management has long been regarded as the epitome of safety production in global industry. And, also as a first-rank provider of HSE consulting services, Dupont is also famous for its HSE concepts. In his lecture Mr. Pao introduced systematically Dupont's corporate safety culture, HSE concept of its leadership and the HSE management of a qualified general contractor in the owners' eyes. The lecture helped us broaden our thinking about the importance of safety production, and how we can improve the standard of HSE management in our business operations.