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Wison (Nanjing) Chemical Co.,Ltd, has passed the acceptance of clean production auditing

Release time:2008-12-11

On December 11, 2008, entrusted by the Environment-protection Office of Jiangsu Province, a clean production inspection group consisting of Nanjing Municipal Environmental protection agency, Nanjing Municipal Economic Commission, Nanjing Chemical Industry Park and experts, carried out an inspection for the clean production work of Wison (Nanjing) Chemical Co.,Ltd. At first, the inspection group listened to the report made by the company's leader about its clear production work, and examined the clean production report, later the group made a field inspection for the implementation status of part of medium/high cost projects. Through a comprehensive assessment, the group worked out their opinions about this inspection.admin admin

The inspection group concluded that: leaders of Wison (Nanjing) Chemical Co.,Ltd pay much attention to the clean production work, for they have set up a leading group as well as a special working sector to deal with issues connected with clean production, worked out detailed work schedules, have various programs implemented at a 100% rate; the report submitted by the company is complete, and complies with the inspection procedures; the company's industrial waste water and waste gas pollutants meet with the national and local emission standards, its total amount of main pollutants emission can all meet the provincial and municipal environmental protection departments' requirements for total emission control, and its sate treatment of dangerous wastes has reached a rate of 100%; The company actively carries out processing technical innovation, optimizes the production process control, pays attention to equipment's maintenance and reconditioning, promotes the level of its products, obtains good achievements on energy saving and emission reduction, such as saving electricity, recycling and reusing waste water, making use of carbon dioxide. Considering all theses factors, the inspection group announced the company has passed the acceptance of clean production auditing.