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Wison Delivers China's First Floating Wind Platform

Release time:2021-06-09

Wison Offshore & Marine Co., Ltd. (“WOM") announced official completion of its semi-submersible foundation platform for the Three Gorges Guangdong Floating Offshore Wind Power Project developed by China Three Gorges (“CTG”).



Located in the offshore areas near Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, the Three Gorges Project is China’s pioneering offshore wind project. With a unit capacity of 5,500 kilowatts, and mounted on a semi-submersible foundation platform, the project can provide green and clean energy for 30,000 households every year.


The 91-metre by 32-metre platform, rolled out on 9th June morning, will be used to mount what is claimed by CTG as the world’s first floating wind turbine which is able to operate in rough weather conditions such as typhoons. The semisub will be linked to the seabed by multiple mooring lines and anchors.



This project was jointly contracted by WOM and Guangzhou Salvage Bureau, in which WOM undertook the procurement and fabrication work.


"Throughout the process of project execution, WOM demonstrated outstanding technical strengths and organizational abilities, and cooperated with all partners to reach an important milestone of the project.” Said Wu Qiren, Deputy General Manager of China Three Gorges New Energy (Group) Co..


"It is a great honor for us to play a part in this landmark project. We will continue to provide the highest standard of service and escort the project to enter successful production," said Mr. Wenxin An, COO of WOM. "WOM has undertaken and delivered a number of natural gas and offshore wind projects, and has rich experience in related projects. We look forward to serving our clients with our unique competitive solutions in the clean energy field, and contributing our part in achieving the goal of low carbon emissions and carbon neutrality!"