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Offshore Wind Power Dual-base by WOM and Shanghai Electric Commenced in Zhoushan

Release time:2022-11-18

On November 9, 2022, Wison Offshore & Marine Limited (“WOM”) and Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group Co., Ltd. (“Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group”) held the opening ceremony of the offshore wind turbine intelligent manufacturing and offshore wind power O&M base at Zhoushan Yard of WOM. Mr. Wu Gai, Vice President of Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group, Mr. Qu Song, Vice Chairman of Wison Group, Mr. Li Zhiyong, Senior Vice President of WOM, and other major leaders of both sides attended the ceremony.



The commencement of the offshore wind power dual-base signifies that WOM will join hands with Shanghai Electric and its partners to fully leverage its aggregation advantages in marine engineering, R&D and manufacturing of new energy equipment, and promote the construction of offshore wind power and new energy industry. WOM and Shanghai Electric are highly complementary in technology and industry. The cooperation between the two sides will start from technical planning, throughout the integrated design of the "turbines + foundation + O&M" for floating offshore wind power, with the effort to create a competitive advantage in the deep-sea wind power industry under the alliance between giants.



Mr. Wu Gai, Vice President of Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group, noted that: "Facing the historical opportunity that China is giving strong support for the development of new energy, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group is actively seeking a partnership with first-class enterprises at home and abroad. WOM's ability to design and build large offshore wind power platforms is widely recognized in the industry. The foundation laying of the offshore wind power dual-base marks the beginning of the strategic cooperation between Shanghai Electric and WOM. In addition, green hydrogen is a market with great potential but requires a high technical threshold. The research achievements of WOM in the green hydrogen business can also help Shanghai Electric tap the hydrogen energy market. The two sides will start with the construction of an advanced wind power manufacturing and O&M base and simultaneously build a green hydrogen equipment manufacturing base, with the purpose of finally realizing the coordinated development of 'deep-sea wind power + hydrogen production'. We are full of confidence in this cooperation and believe that the two sides will jointly develop the wind energy and hydrogen energy markets at home and abroad in the future for win-win cooperation."


Mr. Li Zhiyong, Senior Vice President of WOM, said: "It is a great honor to reach strategic cooperation with Shanghai Electric. Shanghai Electric's rich experience and resource advantages in design, manufacturing, O&M, and wind farm evaluation in the wind power industry are very helpful for WOM to expand the wind power market. WOM Zhoushan Yard will make full use of its own site facilities and logistics conditions, especially the deep-water coastline, to build an international-oriented deep-sea floating wind power home port. In the future, we will work with Shanghai Electric to advance the coordinated development of offshore wind power and green hydrogen energy based on the offshore wind power dual-base to build a deep-sea wind power whole-industry-chain base and a green hydrogen energy demonstration base that relies on the Yangtze River Delta, covers the whole country, and faces the world."