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Wison Offshore & Marine Starts Model Test for Its Semi-submersible Floating Wind Foundation - w.semi™

Release time:2022-12-21

December 15, 2022, Shanghai, China. Wison Offshore & Marine Co., Ltd. (“WOM”) successfully held an online commencement ceremony for the model test of its semi-submersible floating wind foundation - w.semi™. Nearly 30 people attended this commencement ceremony. They are representatives from the State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (“SJTU”), Zhoushan City Science and Technology Bureau, Daishan County Science and Technology Bureau, and international certification agencies of DNV, ABS, BV, CCS and LR.



Professor Peng Tao, Deputy Dean of the School of Naval Architecture, Ocean & Civil Engineering of SJTU, and Mr. Li Zhiyong, Senior Vice President of WOM, made welcome speeches respectively. Ms. Liu Mingyue, Professor of SJTU who is in charge of this model test series, introduced the testing program and the test facilities. Experts from the attending certification agencies had an in-depth exchange of their opinions on the model test and recognized the test program.


Mr. Li Zhiyong, Senior Vice President of WOM, said that, “WOM has a long history of developing and using clean and renewable energy. We are committed to the research and development of floating wind foundation, aiming to develop floating wind technologies that are suitable for large wind turbines in deep water wind farms around the world. w.semi™ is one of our floating wind solutions. It has been approved in principle (AIP) by DNV and ABS. Today, w.semi™ officially enters a new phase of development. The laboratory validation is an important milestone for it to advance towards marketization and commercialization. We believe that in the near future, w.semi™ will be deployed at sea to face the test of the market, and we are very confident about this.”


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DNV Issues a Verification Letter to Wison Offshore & Marine for Its Semi-submersible Floating Wind Foundation: https://www.wison-energies.com/News/181.aspx

w.semi™ Floating Wind Foundation Has Been Granted AIP by ABS in 2021: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/d4-uC3NVL1M6Ad4VYixD_g