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The Opening Ceremony of Chemical Engineering Master Degree Program Cosponsored by Wison Group and East China University Of Science And Technology

Release time:2008-09-22

On September 22, 2008, the opening ceremony of chemical engineering master degree program, which is cosponsored by Wison Group and East China University of Science and Technology, was held in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park. The first array of 21 technical staffs was selected by Wison (Nanjing) Chemical Co.,Ltd, and sent to participate this program, with the purpose of accelerating the cultivation and improvement of the corporation's key staff's management level for technology and preparing hi-tech talents for the development of coal-to-chemicals industry services.

The leaders and professors from the School of Chemical Engineering and Graduate Education Management Center of East China University of Science and Technology made a special trip to Nanjing to attend the opening ceremony of this program. They spoke highly of Wison's long-lasting concern and contribution for the industry-university-research development in coal-to-chemicals industry, and recognized the importance of this university-corporation cosponsored program. At the same time, they made a clear direction for the arrangement of the teaching activities and raised concrete requirements for this program. Mr.Zhu Changcheng, the vice chairman of Wison Group Holding Limited, and general manager of Wison (Nanjing) Chemical Co.,Ltd, expressed congratulations to those trainees attending this program, as well as his hope that they could fully recognize the corporation's intensions for holding this master degree program under the current circumstance of being extremely busy for the operation of the company and the preparation for the second phase of the project. He made a demand that all trainees should cherish this chance, overcome difficulties, study hard and put what they've learned into practice, and make contributions to the development of the coal-to-chemicals industry.

The East China University of Science and Technology enjoys a unique position in the line of chemical engineering, especially in the field of coal-to-chemicals industry with regard to teaching and research, and has made outstanding achievements. As a key university in China, it has a long history. In 1956, it was granted among other universities the right to enroll graduate students for the first time in China. It is also one of the 22 universities which take the lead in independent enrollment. The chemical engineering subject of East China University of Science and Technology is among the first array of national key subjects, as well as among the most important subjects of Shanghai City. It is the earliest major set up in China with respect to chemical engineering and chemical processing, and is also the first granted chemical engineering & chemical processing doctoral program and master's program, the first postdoctoral research station, and the first enrollment institution for engineering masters. In 1997, the East China University of Science and Technology among the five Chinese famous universities, was recommended by the American authoritative SRI (Stanford Research Institute) International as cooperative research partners for American companies in China. It is the only one chemical engineering research institute chosen by RSI International.