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Wison’s Waste Heat Power Generation Program is Recognized as a National Incentive Program for Resources' Comprehensive Utilization.

Release time:2008-10-17

On October 8, 2008, the Economic & Trade Commission of Jiangsu Province issued a "Certificate of Comprehensive Utilization of Resources" to Wison (Nanjing) Chemical Co.,Ltd, and recognized this company's chemical reaction heat (i.e. waste heat power generation program) product (processing) as a national incentive program for comprehensive utilization of resources. This award is a recognition as well as an encouragement for Wison's long-term active work on energy saving and emission reduction.
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The Wison Nanjing Phase I coal-to-chemicals complex began its commercial operation on April 9, 2007 with an annual output of 300 kt/a carbon monoxide and 200 kt/a methanol. After the project was finished, Wison increased its investment, and built a set of waste heat steam-driven power generators by itself, and the electricity energy produced by making use of waste heat can satisfy over half of the complex's power consumption in phase I. By doing so, the enterprise saves energy resources, at the same time increases its operation profits. In the future, Wison will continue to explore its potential on energy saving and emission reduction, and spare efforts to make more outstanding achievements on energy saving. While increasing the economic profits, Wison will make its own contributions to the development of a circular economy.