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Wison's Coal-to-Chemicals Project is actively developing a circular economy

Release time:2008-10-17

On October 13, 2008, a visiting group headed by leaders from Yankuang Group came to Wison (Nanjing) Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. YankuangGroup is a large state corporation with coal industry, coal-to-chemicals industry, mechanical processing industry and coal-electrolytic aluminum industry as its key business. The visiting group made a field inspection for the operating conditions of the Phase I coal-to-chemicals complex, and carried out thorough discussions and communications with Wison (Nanjing) Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd with respect to the operation of coal-to-chemicals complex. The two parties exchanged opinions about the present situation as well as the development trend of coal-to-chemicals industry of China.
On October 7, Mr. Zhu Shanlu, the secretary of Nanjing municipal committee of the CPC, under the company of Mr. Chen Weijian, the vice mayor of Nanjing City, as well as main leaders from Luhe District and Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, came to the field of the coal-to-chemicals complex of Wison (Nanjing) Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd, and carried out a research on the topic of developing a circular economy. Besides Yankuang Group, in recent years, a number of companies have paid a visit to Wison (Nanjing) Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd for inspection and communication, such as Shandong Lunan Fertilizer Factory, Yizheng Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd, Yankuang Coal Mining Co.,Ltd, Yankuang Coal Mining Yulin Engergy & Chemical Co.,Ltd, and Shandong Zibo Chemical Industry park. As a model in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park, the coal-to-chemicals complex of Wison (Nanjing) has gained attention from various parties. This can be regarded as a kind of recognition for Wison's development on the circular economy, at the same time can promote communications between Wison and companies of the same profession. Through these communications, Wison not only learns better about those companies from the same profession, but also reinforces its understanding for the development of a circular economy and the necessity of saving energy and reducing carbon emission. In the mutual learning process with other corporations, Wison has further broadened its view and conception.

The project of phase I uses coal as the raw materials, with an annual output of 20,000 tons methanol and 300 kt/a carbon monoxide. It employs the technology of GE gasification of slurry, with its oxygen raw materials provided by the American Air Products and Chemicals (AP), and with its main products-methanol and carbon monoxide and its byproducts-carbon dioxide and sulfur being directly supplied to companies around the project, such as Celanese, BASF-YPC Company Limited, Nanjing Chemical Group Co., Ltd and Alpha Company, forming an industrial chain which combines the upstream and downstream industries in the Park. Besides, Wison also builds the set of the waste heat steam-driven generators by itself, and the electricity energy produced by making use of waste heat can satisfy over half of its electricity consumption.

Its syngas project listed for the Phase II project has launched into full swing, aiming to satisfy the increasing demand for chemical products on the park. The complex in the Phase II project still employs the GE gasification of Slurry technology. It can not only satisfy its partners' huge demand for syngas in the park, but also can make full use of the surplus production capacity of Phase I, maximizing the congruence of the economic, social and environmental benefits.